Dawn is an enthusiastic contributor and editor for the Professional Copywriters’ Network. Dawn is a highly engaged copywriter who clearly has a great deal of experience and knowledge of writing and editing for a range of media. Dawn’s professionalism and commitment make her a major asset to the PCN team. If you need a copywriter, I recommend talking to Dawn now - before she gets booked up.
— Leif Kendall, Director, The Professional Copywriters’ Network
Dawn is a very skilled writer – she has the ability to produce clear, concise and interesting writing in a variety of styles to suit different requirements. I can wholeheartedly recommend Dawn for any writing assignment — she’ll more than deliver.
— Lesley Irving, Head of Equality Policy, Scottish Government
Dawn provided us with a much-needed fresh pair of eyes and lots of ideas. She turned the information we gave her into simple, conversational copy that will make it much easier for our service users to understand exactly how we can help them.
— Dave Evans, Manager, MYPAS
Dawn’s input into the revamp of our website has been invaluable, providing an outsider’s view of the content and structure.
It has helped us make sure that the information on our website is clear, well laid out and easy to follow.
— Muriel Mowat, Operations Manager, Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance
Dawn was able to approach our quality assurance document with a fresh eye,
removing unnecessary information, improving the structure and flow, and ensuring the writing style was consistent throughout.

She showed a real interest in understanding what we wanted to achieve with this piece of work and it shows in the final product.

Throughout the project, Dawn’s approach to the work was professional and we would happily recommend her to others.
— Murray Cheek, Communications Officer, Waverley Care
Dawn has provided sparkling copy to encourage new audiences to attend Crew fundraising events. She has significant experience of the not-for-profit sector, a deep understanding of equalities issues and is always very knowledgeable about current affairs and trends. She is a pleasure to work with, and I am looking forward to working with her again.
— Emma Crawshaw, CEO, Crew
Dawn wrote a fantastic blog post for our website that we were so pleased with, we decided to make it a permanent feature on our beginners’ page.

Her writing is clear and flows beautifully, and she has that knack of being able to really communicate with the reader irrespective of their background.

Our online presence as a club is becoming increasingly important in our recruitment and retention strategy. And Dawn’s writing will help us inspire those who’ve never run before to join Edinburgh Frontrunners
— Debbie Aitken, President, Edinburgh Frontrunners
Dawn always comes up with great ideas for blog posts, and I love having her on board. All of her posts are well-written and informative.
— Kaleigh Watterson, Community Manager, Time Out Edinburgh, Manchester and Glasgow
Dawn writes with conviction and vigour. She pitches very well and her submissions are both timely and beautifully polished. She is a pleasure to work with.
— Marion Rankine, Features Editor, For Books’ Sake

Dawn’s a talented writer, and her work’s intelligent and engaging. Her attention to detail’s great and, because she’s personable, conscientious and meets our deadlines, she’s easy to work with.
— Martin Walker, Comedy Editor, Broadway Baby
Dawn is an analytical yet artful writer and she cuts to the quick of her subject matter with instinctive ease. She is an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Jennifer Acton, Reviews Editor, For Books’ Sake
Dawn is both reliable and competent as a writer: exactly what an editor wants! She quickly turns around high quality articles that are witty and draw in a wider audience, as well as containing important critical analysis. I would not hesitate to recommend her.
— Holly Combe, TV Editor, The F-Word
I worked with Dawn when she helped me write the copy for my website. I found her to be kind, considerate and completely understanding of how important the message you send out is for you and your business.

She made me feel at ease, and the entire process was so quick. If you run your own business and are struggling to get your message onto paper, Dawn can help. She is amazing.
— Orlaith Brogan, Founder, The Naked Sales Coach