What Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes taught me about storytelling

Like casting women in ‘men’s’ roles and the Great British Bake Off’s channel switch, using storytelling in your business is A Big Deal.

People keep banging on about the benefits of good storytelling because everyone’s a sucker for well-told yarn.

Marketing expert Ann Handley has called has called customer-centric storytelling ‘…the cornerstone of successful content’.

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The 6 principles of persuasion: a quick guide

You’re in a department store on a busy Saturday afternoon.

After 15 minutes perched on a wobbly stool having a free makeup counter makeover, you look and feel like the celebrity version of yourself. The kind you’d be if you didn’t have to work and could afford to have a live-in stylist, makeup artist, chef and personal trainer.

Before you head off, all primped, preened and glowing, you shell out for some of the products they used to beautify you.

What made you reach for your purse?

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