Tired of sounding flat, robotic and drier than a rice cake when you write for your business?

'Just write like you talk'

Easy for fancy schmancy professional writers to say.

But not so easy for you to do.


Because translating your jumble of ideas into messages that do your creative business justice is hard.

And making it sound like you is even harder. (Sucks, doesn’t it?)


Deep down, all you really want to do is...

ditch everything else, and focus on what lights your fire — creating, and doing, work you care about.

Work that makes the world a more enjoyable, stylish and kick-ass place.

But instead you have to balance a copywriting hat on top of your marketing, sales and customer service ones.


And when you’re confronted by the Blank Page, or Blinking Cursor, of Doom, you:

  • put on the writing version of your telephone voice, and slide into corpspeak
  • try to sound witty, fun and personable, but can’t find the right words
  • stress, obsess and agonize over how to describe what you do
  • convince yourself that what you’ve come up with is a load of crapola
  • suddenly get the urge to clean your oven

It’s tricky, but nailing how you write about yourself and your business online is a must.

Because ‘people buy from people’. I know it’s cheesier than a tanker full of melted Brie, but it’s true.


The folk who visit your site want to know who you are, and what you can do for them.

And they’re not up for handing over their moolah to any old nondescript Tom, Dick or Harriet.


They want to deal with someone they warm to, trust and who understands them.

Someone like you.

Showing them who you are, and what you stand for, is the best way of helping them to decide if they’re keen on the cut of your jib.


That’s where I come in.


I specialize in crafting copy that’s fun, worth reading and captures your voice.


I get a kick out of what I do, because I get to use the gadgets in my writing toolbox to help lovely creatives like you, who:


Your webpages will sound and feel like you, because they’ll be steeped in your personality.

You'll be proud of them.

And they’ll help you get more of the work you love, with clients and customers who can’t wait to get their hands on what you offer.


OK. After all that, I should probably share a bit about me.

I’m a pint-sized introvert, who’s London-born, Edinburgh-based, and has a background in arts journalism (writing features and book, food, film, TV, theatre and stand-up comedy reviews).

As well as producing sparkling copy for small businesses and charities, I’ve also penned features and posts for: the Huffington Post, the Professional Copywriters’ Network's blog and the Time Out Edinburgh blog.

And I’ve drafted speeches for politicians, and written and edited content for the Scottish Government too.

When I’m not at my desk (trying to stop my feline overlord from strolling across my keyboard), you’ll find me:

  • watching documentaries (I'd highly recommend The Queen of Versailles, Some Kind of Monster and What Happened? Miss Simone)
  • feeding my stationery habit
  • wandering round flea markets buying vintage homeware and dresses I didn’t even know I wanted
It's me, Dawn Kofie!

You bring the scoop on your business, and I’ll bring the wordy magic.