Hi, I'm Dawn. I work with female creatives to craft website copy with wit and polish.
Copywriting for offbeat creatives who need words with wit and polish.

Imagine your website’s at a networking event.

Not the torturous, salesy kind with rubbish wine, and people who go on and on about their own businesses, but don’t give two hoots about yours.

This is a really good one. There are loads of welcoming, funny and interesting people. And the snacks are excellent.

So, how's your website getting on?

Are people glancing over its shoulder to see if there’s another, more entertaining, website about?

One that’s got better chat?

Are they doing that polite-smile-that-doesn’t-quite-reach-their-eyes thing?

They are, aren’t they?

Because, although it’s nice enough, your website comes across as dull. It says the same kind of thing as all the others, in the same bog standard way.

If that’s how your website rolls, it desperately needs a shot of oomph and personality, my friend. Pronto. In the shape of some shiny new words.


If that sounds like what you’re after, I can help you



I worked with Dawn when she helped me write the copy for my website.

I found her to be kind, considerate and completely understanding of how important the message you send out is for you and your business.

She made me feel at ease, and the entire process was so quick.

If you run your own business and are struggling to get your message onto paper, Dawn can help. She is amazing.

Orlaith Brogan, Founder of The Naked Sales Coach

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